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Ready to never worry about your child meeting an academic milestone again?

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I help busy mamas ensure that their child is getting the comprehensive literacy preparation s/he needs to ensure success in school.

Whether you send your child to school, participate in online learning, or homeschool, you need to have a plan that will ensure your child’s success. All children learn differently causing those programs in a box to treat your child as a generic student. Your child is not generic. I view each child individually and create a specific plan of action to help you reach your goals for your child.

The Problem Solver

Got a struggler? I've got answers...Let's dive in

Investment starts at $97

Who it’s for:
This mama is concerned for her struggling child and want to provide the best support possible. She wants to know exactly how to help her child succeed and what to do to get to the other side.

What’s included:

A comprehensive assessment of your child’s literacy skills

2-30 minute sessions. The first session will be dedicated to the comprehensive assessment and reviewing the results. During the second session, you will receive a tailored blueprint and coaching to support you in helping your child.

A complete blueprint tailored to support your child’s early literacy development and addressing all areas of strengths and deficits.

The Foundation

Get the basic foundation for how you can support your child at home.

Investment starts at $297

Who it’s for: 

This mama is organized and wants to support her child in achieving literacy milestones with ease. She wants to know exactly what her child’s strengths and weaknesses are and specific activities that will support learning.


What’s included:

A comprehensive assessment of your child’s literacy skills

4-30 minute sessions that will help me understand where your child is in his/her journey and will help me guide you in becoming your child’s ultimate play-based mentor.

Walk away with a play-based instructional plan.

The Page Turner

An extensive coaching package that teaches exclusive evidence-based strategies to support your child in his/her specific areas of need.

Investment starts at $497

Who it’s for:
This mama is an action taker. She knows that her child’s formative years are critical for early literacy development. She wants to know the best strategies that she can implement to ensure her child’s success and instill a lifelong love of reading and learning.

What’s included:

A comprehensive assessment of your child’s literacy skills

6-30 minute coaching sessions that will empower you to become an early literacy advocate for your child. You will learn strategies that are tailored to your child’s success and receive activities that will catapult learning.

Weekly troubleshooting opportunities and check-ins

How Does It Work?

1. Apply Online

Click on the button below to apply online. Fill in the form as completely and honestly as you can. Coaching is a big investment and I don’t want you to spend the money if we aren’t going to be a good fit.

2. I'll Contact You

Once I review your application, I will contact you via email to inform you of your status and set up payment. Coaching packages are only for those who are serious about their child’s education and are ready to invest now. 

3. We'll set up meetings

If accepted, we will process payment and set up an initial meeting to get to know each other and schedule our sessions together. 

I am beyond excited to work with you!

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