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I'm Jenna, a Family Literacy Education Consultant

I am a simply working mama who is an Elementary Literacy Coach, a Family Literacy Education Consultant, and above all else, a mama who is trying to figure out how to balance all of life’s little messes. 

It is my mission as an evidence-based Family Literacy Education Consultant to support you in providing your child with a literacy-rich life from the bump and up. These are the critical years…let me help you simply make the most of them.


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You are your child's first teacher and your home is your child's first classroom. Are you ready to be proactive about your child's future?

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I want simple and easy activities that will actually help my child read

Get more than 100 engaging play-based activities that target each of the 6 early literacy skills. 

I need quick, actionable tips for how I can support my child's learning

Check out my YouTube channel where I share quick early literacy tips to try today.

I want to know exactly how to help my child

Let’s work together to determine the perfect plan for reading success.

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Are you ready to take the guess work out of how you can truly prepare your child for Kindergarten?

The AAP has stated that 1 in 3 children are not learning the skills they need to learn to read in Kindergarten. How are you helping your child get ready? 
Every child learns differently. Let me provide you with a personalized plan that will support your little learner on their reading journey and get them confidently walking into their Kindergarten classroom on that first day of school.

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