Looking for a healthy, Natural Pregnancy?

Are you looking to make your pregnancy as natural and healthy as possible? Even before I was actively trying to conceive, I was reading all different pregnancy books to find the most comprehensive information on having a healthy, natural pregnancy.

There are so many chemicals and preservatives in the foods that we eat and the products we use on a daily basis. The food I was eating was making me physically ill for about 8 years and I had absolutely no idea! I had every test done under the sun, including exploratory surgery, only to be told that there was no known cause for my pain. Instead, I was given drugs and sent on my merry way. But I didn’t want to pump my body full of drugs that weren’t doing anything for me!

After my own research, I tested out eliminating processed foods from my diet and, as if by magic, my pain was gone! Knowing that I wanted to be a mama and not expose my future baby to any of the issues and pain that I had, I was on the hunt for any natural and healthy pregnancy information I could find.

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Why a healthy Pregnancy?

From the moment when you learn that you are pregnant, you realize that you are not only providing for just yourself anymore. You now are responsible for this incredible miracle that is growing inside of you. Each decision you make directly affects your new baby; from nutrition to exercise, you are no longer a party of one.

Your choices during pregnancy are directly linked to fetal development. Your baby is depending on your nutrition to grow strong. When you are conscious of your diet and exercise routine, you can help give your baby exactly what it needs, while helping improving your chances for an easier labor and delivery.

You want to be certain that you are taking care of your baby and body as best you can. There are so many opinions out there about what is the best prenatal vitamin or the best foods/diet for pregnancy. It can be so overwhelming!

The Best healthy Pregnancy Books

Here are my favorite pregnancy books that promote a natural and health-conscious approach to pregnancy. I read all of these as I progressed through my pregnancy. They were all such an amazing resource and I learned so much about what was happening with my body and with baby.

1. Mama Natural’S Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and childbirth

If you haven’t hear of Mama Natural, you need to go to her blog right now! She has a wealth of information about natural pregnancy and motherhood. If you sign up for her newsletter, you get weekly pregnancy updates and even weekly postpartum updates about what is happening with baby and your postpartum body. I loved using her as a resource for many of the issues that I came across both during my pregnancy and as a new mom.

What I liked about this book…

The book breaks down your pregnancy week-by-week, which I loved! Each week explains what is happening with both mama and baby. In addition, each week provides information pertinent to pregnancy such as remedies for morning sickness, exercise moves to help with your changing body, and even tips on taking a babymoon. Overall, this was my go-to book about pregnancy that became my complete reference guide.

2. How to Conceive Naturally: And have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30

Okay, so I feel like the title of this one can be a little off-putting for the younger future mamas out there. You do not have to be over 30 to get valuable information out of this book! Christa and Willow provide a thorough resource for mamas who want to put nutrition at the forefront of their pregnancy. They provide a ton of healthy recipes and include a meal plan with a grocery list to help you to make it even easier!

what I liked about this book…

Christa and Willow broke down pregnancy into 5 trimesters…that’s right, 5! The three months before you conceive, the traditional three trimesters of pregnancy, and the first three months after your baby is born. This makes this one of the most comprehensive pregnancy books I read.

I loved how they counted the first trimester as the three months before you are trying to conceive. This is so helpful to set up a healthy foundation for pregnancy. With advice on nutrition, vitamins, and supplements, this section ensures that your body is as prepared as it can be for baby to come.

3. The healthy Pregnancy Book

This is another extremely comprehensive book. It is divided into a couple of sections that help to make it a fabulous go-to resource. The first section is about having a healthy pregnancy throughout its duration. They go in depth about pregnancy superfoods, exercise, and sleep. The second section brings you through your pregnancy month-by-month. Each month addresses your baby’s growth, your pregnancy symptoms, and concerns you may have. They also provide information about labor and birth and even an in-depth chapter about the week after your birth. Finally, the last section addresses pregnancy challenges such as complications and pregnancies that need extra attention.

What I Liked About this Book…

I loved the ease of use of this book. It is a great guide that you can use to reference each month and understand the common ailments you may experience throughout your pregnancy. I referenced the first section about having a healthy pregnancy many times for some helpful tips and reminders. I also loved how they included a section on sleep. Not many books address this super important topic in such great depth!

4. The Whole 9 Months

This book breaks down the nutrition your baby needs during each month in the womb. Jennifer Lang goes into detail as to why certain nutrients are needed during certain months depending on the developmental focus of the baby during that time. She features recipes for each month that are high in the specified nutrients so that you can ensure that your baby is getting exactly what it needs to grow and thrive.

What I liked about this book…

The recipes were very easy to follow and were delicious. I liked how I could look up what part of my baby was developing during a specific week and learn about the specific foods that he needed for development. Then, I was able to use Jennifer’s recipes in addition to supplementing my diet with other foods high in those nutrients. With a wide array of recipes that were full of flavor, this book is a must-have for mamas-to-be who want to be conscious of their nutrition during pregnancy.

5. Nurture

This book is written by a doula/lactation counselor. It is so carefully and thoughtfully written that I honestly did feel “nurtured” as I was reading it. The book focuses on how to take care of yourself during pregnancy as well as including a section for each trimester and even leading up to the birth along with the birth itself.

What I liked about this book…

I loved how this book has a postpartum section that discusses your healing process. Many books leave this out and just focus on the pregnancy. However, Erica focuses on how your recovery while learning how to embrace being a new mama. There are also tips on how best to nourish your baby and take care of yourself in the process. Those first few weeks are very overwhelming and life as you know it will change. It was nice to have a guide to turn to when I was figuring out what exactly it meant to be a new mama.

Choose health

healthy pregnancy books
first trimester
second trimester
third trimester
natural pregnancy

One of the best things I did during pregnancy was living a healthy lifestyle. These books were my lifeline. They helped me to make consciously healthy decisions for both my baby and my body. I loved having easy recipes that I could refer to and knew that they were giving my baby the exact nutrients he needed.

Making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle while pregnant is one of your first decisions as a new mom. I hope that you find these books help you embark on your healthy pregnancy journey and make this special time in your life unforgettable!

Are there any healthy pregnancy books that you just can’t live without? Tell me in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this post to help other future mamas!