Get your toddler ready to read the right way...even when you are short on time

Did you know that according to the AAP, 1 in every 3 children entering Kindergarten does not have the skills they need to learn to read? Your child doesn’t have to be that one. 

The only way to have a Kinder-ready reader is knowing how to address ALL areas of reading development…something that those fit in a box, one-size-fits-all programs don’t do. 

And that’s exactly what you will learn how to do in my FREE Toddler Read to Lead course. A quick 4-day video and email course jam-packed with activities that will make your toddler eagerly flip through the pages of all of the books in their library without leaving you wondering how to fit it all in.

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Inside the Toddler Read to Lead Email COurse, You Will Learn:

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